Sunday, April 19, 2015

Videos of the experience of the SOIL team of 2015 as volunteers of Esha

On the last day of SIP, we requested the team to share their experience of being Esha Volunteers - on camera. Since I wanted it to be real, we gave them about 15 minutes to prepare what they are going to say. No rehearsals, no script - just speak from the heart.

Last night, we uploaded those videos to the Youtube channel of Esha. We encourage you to see these videos to know what it is like to volunteer for Esha.

Vrishin Bhamri:

Amit Dhalwale :

Pooja Singh:

And the winner of the award for HR Leadership Program, and one of our star volunteers: Karen D Souza:

Do see all of Esha's videos here:

The SIP Team of SOIL 2014-15

Last year, the SIP presentation at SOIL was scheduled for 10th June. That was the day my kid sister was getting married. Rajesh Dhuddu, a friend of Esha who is also on our Advisory Panel, very graciously agreed to take the presentation. And we had 4 students who chose us - Karen, Pooja, Vrishin and Amit.

The year started with them looking for an office for Esha. The next activity that they trained for was taking the students of TSRS to the blind school visit. They also were sent to the Karol Bagh blind school to meet Nirdosh, and see the people they were going to work for in the year ahead.

After that, the planning for the cycling event started. From October to Feb, the team worked on the cycling trip, meeting every week for project updates, getting encouragement, support, admonishment, and general push to keep going. They were ably mentored by Rajesh Dhuddu , and on the 8th of Feb, 2015, we had our first TourdeVision, all thanks to the SOIL students, Alisha, and all of the Friends of Esha.

But that was not a place to rest on our laurels. Very soon, the team was working on updating all the communication content of Esha. And on the last SIP day - March 18th, I took the day off to treat them to a very special experience. The day started early - very early. After all, we had to travel from Gurgaon to Greater Noida. The team witnessed the 9Tanki workshop conducted by Raju Koli, and the impact it has on the school students.
After that, we went to the India Habitat Center. To do our first "Blind Walk" . Tour De Vision had tried to raise awareness abt the fact that there simply aren't enough disabled people out in public spaces. The Blind Walk tried to understand why that is - by closing our eyes and trying to access public spaces. This event was covered by the Times of India and brought much public awareness about the issue.

To thank them for their participation, we got momentoes made for the team. And the best news came 2 days ago - Esha was adjudged the best NGO, that provides students with the best learning opportunity! Today, Rajesh and I attended the convocation to receive the award.. and what a day!!

Do see a photo journey of the year here:

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Added 64 Audio Files

We have added 36 motivational audio files which includes:

11 audio files that tell us about how to increase our confidence

24 audio files which tell us about Become an Outstanding Manager


other 28 files are  sandman's Goodnight stories are:
-little never upset
-the peacock butterflies
-when jack frost was young
-what the flowers told Martha

and 26 more stories for kids!!

Monday, March 30, 2015


Hi Friends,

today we have added 35 more recording in clabil in english under the folder spiritual as they are spiritual stories from bible.

The river that ran blood
The story of Job
The voice from the burning bush
How the long journey of the Israelite came to an end
How Joseph's dream came true
From the land of famine to the land plenty

These are just six of them ...30 more spiritual stories are added

Saturday, March 28, 2015

55 new audio files added

Good evening friends !!

Today we have added 55 audio files to the Clabil. And which includes

18 poems in classic poetry category by Rossetti


37 Chapters from Around the world in eighty days by Jules Verne

Friday, March 27, 2015

classic poems by Rossetti

today we added to the clabil 15 more classic poems by Rossetti some of the poems added are:
Silent noon
Autumn song
After death
Souls beauty
and 10 more...please take a look!!
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Western Railways embarks on Rs.4.8 Crore drive for Disabled-Friendly Stations.

The Western Railway has embarked on one of its biggest projects worth Rs 4.8 crore to turn suburban railway stations disabled-friendly.
The first phase of stations to see the change will be between Churchgate and Khar.
This would mean creating special amenities for the disabled at these stations, including tactile paving with warning floor material, disabled toilets with special grab bars, low-height ticket booking windows, ramps on foot overbridges, low-level water taps that can accommodate wheel chairs.
“We have invited tenders and the work will be completed in four months. We will closely monitor the so that they prove to be helpful to the disabled,” a senior official said.
Experts said there is also a need to find a creative solution to the problem of the gap between the platforms and the train coaches, which is proving to be a risk for the disabled.
IIT expert Sudhir Badami, a member of the committee constituted by the Bombay High Court for making the city’s railways friendly towards persons with disability, said the programme of raising the platform levels will be a long-drawn affair as the suburban rail system is in operation and innovative methods of construction need to be adopted.

Raju Koli's workshop on You Tube

Raju Koli 's theater workshop at

REX CONCLiVE on you tube

Raju Koli winner of karamaveer purasukaar

Today I am feeling very glad after getting this Karamaveer
Puraskaar. I want to thank Nidhi Mam,Jerry Sir And his Team for giving
me this opportunity.
     I want to share some moments while I was taking this award,When I
was attending Karamaveer puraskaar ceremony I listened to every
Kamaraveer Puraskaar Awardee who worked in different different fields
like some worked for child labour,agriculture,education for special
needs students,education for children living in slums etc. I salute to
everyone,I also thank to everyone who are taking the work forward for
their field.
    I was thinking about their lives which is very challanging.At last
I want to say that everyone is god gifted so we should help everyone
who are helpless and make their life better.
                                  "Sach hum nahi,Sach tum nahi
                                   Sach hain mehaz sangharsh hi"